We offer all dental treatments which are performed by specialists in various areas:


This treatments are being made to restore the integrity and function of the teeth, with today’s highly aesthetic materials which mimic the shape, color and texture of natural teeth. We also have the best teeth whitening system to achieve perfect color without having to go through any discomfort or tooth sensitivity.


Is the branch of dentistry responsible for aligning the teeth to improve the aesthetics of the smile, giving optimal occlusion and functionality to the bite. In present time we have aesthetic and comfortable brackets reducing discomfort during treatment.


This branch is responsible for removing the nerve of the pieces when it is altered by various reasons such as caries or trauma on the teeth completely eliminating the hassle.


The Maxillofacial Surgeon is the specialist to perform major surgeries such as malformations or trauma fractures. The third molars or wisdom teeth are parts that eventually need to be removed and the right person to perform this type of surgery is the Maxillofacial Surgeon because it has the experience necessary to perform these procedures quickly and carefully.


Early dental appointments will mark a lot of perspective to dentists in the future, it is for this reason that the dentist has to have patience and special techniques for the dental appointment to be quick, effective and fun for children.