The periodontal surgery are surgical treatments that aim to improve aesthetically and functionally periodontal tissues. Sometimes these tissues are exceeded in size or else lack thereof, significantly compromising aesthetics and dental health, therefore, for this reason the diagnosis and treatment of these abnormalities are very important.

Gingival Recontouring

In some cases people have very small (clinical crowns) teeth and therefore the smile shows a large portion of gingiva (Gummy Smile). Aesthetics is very involved in these cases and it is for this reason that the periodontist can align the structures to the ideal measures to improve the aesthetics of the smile without compromising the health and strength of the teeth.


It is called gum recession when you lose one or more teeth exposing the roots of the same to the oral cavity greatly altering not only the aesthetics of the smile but also increasing the sensitivity to cold and the risk of tooth decay in the tooth root. The technique to repair and breaking the damage of these structures is taking gum from area of the same patient or gum substitutes, placing them in the affected area.


Another involvement of the periodontal tissue is the presence of aberrant braces which may be in the tongue altering the phonation or, in most common cases, present a long and fibrous bridle in the labial producing a diastema (space between the core) which involves difficult orthodontic treatment to close the space. For these reasons it is necessary to perform the removal of the bridle, which has no important function in the oral cavity.

Crown Lengthening

A common problem in dentistry is tooth decay either by cavities or a fracture. Often times the teeth are left with very little structure and no longer have the ideal space for the placement of restorations, compromising not only the restoration functionality but also hurting the tissues if placed, in this way violating the natural space of the tissues, causing inflammation that continues even if utilizing good hygiene. For these reasons it is essential to make a crown lengthening which will provide optimal space and tooth size necessary to place a good restoration.